My work is a snapshot of the imagination and the mysteriousness of life as seen through the camera. After I’d left my home country, I couldn’t stop expressing myself through photography, creating an authentic, irreproducible portfolio of pictures teeming with emotion, love and humanity.

 I was born in a small village called Verbki, close to the city of Pavlograd. You may not have a clue where that is from the name alone, so let me give you a hint: it is in the heart of Ukraine.I guess that ever since I was a kid, I’d been recording all of Ukraine’s beauty, colours, kindness and naiveness in my imagination in order to express it later once I was no longer there.

When I was in my early 20s, I won a scholarship to study in Spain. With limitless resilience I knocked down every obstacle in my way, determined to improve myself as a person and a photographer. The shapes and colours of the sea & sky accompanied me throughout my Spanish journey and reshaped my own perception of my work.

I moved to Dusseldorf in 2020, setting myself and my inner artist the challenge of embracing a new life with new shapes and colours. Germany has the most sensational spring I have ever seen.